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Michelson Morley Audio Space
Thomson's Experiment Ideas to Implementation Flash  
Intro Space NA Flash :10
HR Diagram Activity Astrophysics Resource  
Lightning Protectors Motors & Generators Video 1:15
Insulating Power Lines Motors & Generators Video 2:35
Solar Thermal Power Motors & Generators Video 4:00
Optical Fibres Introduction The Age of Silicon Video 7:00
Optical Fibres: Guiding Light The Age of Silicon Video 2:15
Meissner Effect Ideas to Implementation Video 1:39
Superconductor Applications Ideas to Implementation Video 6:03
Gravity Potential Space Video 1:45
Solenoids Motors & Generators Video 3:37
Eddy Currents Motors & Generators Video 4:05
Magnet Race Motors & Generators Video 1:00
Spectra Astrophysics Video 7:30
Newtonian Mechanics Moving About
Video 10:22
Effects of Temperature on Conductivity Ideas to Implementation Video 1:07
P-type and N-type Ideas to Implementation Video 1:21
Object Drop Moving About Video 1:50
Faulkes Telescope South Introduction Astrophysics Video 1:11
Physicist Dress Code Australian Physicists P12.3E Video 1:00
Academic Freedom Australian Physicists P12.3E Video 1:15
Superconductor Theory Ideas to Implementation Video 5:00
MRI Introduction Medical Physics Video 1:00
MRI Images Medical Physics Video 5:00
MRI Theory Medical Physics Video 5:13
Double Jumping Rings Motors & Generators Video 0:40
Cold Jumping Rings Motors & Generators Video 1:05
Jumping Rings Motors & Generators Video 2:00
Different Jumping Rings Motors & Generators Video 3:30
Making a Fibre Medical Physics
Video 2:45
Sensitivity and Resolution Astrophysics Video 3:00
Becoming a Physicist Australian Physicists P12.3E Video 2:40
Physics Researcher Australian Physicists P12.3E Video 2:20
Planck and Einstein Ideas to Implementation Video 5:20
Radiographer Australian Physicists P12.3E Video 3:00
Active Optics Astrophysics Video 1:15
Neutrinos Quanta to Quarks to check Video 6:09
Test 1 z Testing Area Test 5 Video 2:00
Link Map Motors & Generators All WordDoc